Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Sound, from the lions mouth

"Lions Mouth could be the end of the line for me and 'rock' records- it's that good"
Steve Sutherland

My Dad had to send in his Linn Unidisk today so he set up one of his maybe 3 other cd players to the Hi Fi while I was watching 2 year old AND 1 tour mixtapes and trying to enjoy what would ultimately be a shitty day. I muted the tv so he could test out what a really good cd player sounded like as opposed to a really really good one. Regardless, he just got these 5 remastered cds from Renascent from a band called The Sound.

The Sound were an English Post Punk band who toured with The Comsat Angels and were going to Tour with U2. They are one of those really great bands that should have made it but never did. Of all moments in Rock history, I firmly beleive that the Post Punk era produced some of the greatest Rock music we will ever know. Bands like Mission of Burma, Echo & The Bunnymen and Joy Division made some of the best music I will ever here, and only a few bands and movements can claim as much genius as everything that happened in the late seventies and early eighties, and most of those bands who can were around for that movement (e.g The Cure, U2).

The opening Track is somewhat of a cult classic. Winning, with its opening bass lick and hopeful lyrics is a testament to how great bands of this era were. 'Emo' bands of today try to wear there hearts on their sleves while divulging the heartbreaks and agnst of teenage romance. Suffice it to say the winning isn't for pussies; it is a strong and commanding opening to a brilliantly scaled work. Its sounds corny, but by listening to winning and looking at the cover art of Briton Riviere's Daniel In The Lion's Den, one can really get a feel of the power Adrian Borland wanted to convey with his music,

although the whole album is emotionaly unstable and troubled, there is a discerning factor between the way that feeling was divugled by the post-punk era and how it is displayed now in the emo era, and that is factor is talent. There is a differnce between creating a driving, haunting, melodic song and whinning to power chords. The struggle being today adressed by bands like My Chemical Romance or Dashboard Confessionals, or your supposedly 'deeper' bands like Bleeding Through or any other aptly named band ultimately seem pathetic compared to the religous and pyschological overtones presented in songs like possesion and winning. It is unfortunate that the consitency of good music seen from bands in this movement doesn't exist too much anymore, simply because I wasn't able to be around the wealth of great bands in between about '72 and '85.

The Sound, Winning

The Sound, Possesion


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