Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Nirvana Unplugged in New York

I have had this album now for many years, so i have decided to say what is on my mind. I almost always listen to this album whenever i get into my car, and would probably have to say that this is my favorite cd out of my extensive collection. first of all, nirvana is right up there with my top groups that i like listening to, and second, for some reason i always like the acoustic version of any song. so this cd pretty much has everything that i am looking for.
I just completed a biography on Kurt Cobain which i found very interesting, it was called Heavier Than Heaven, which was the name of a tour nirvana went on back in the day...

So after reading this book a have begun to pay much closer attention to the lyrics of the song rather than just picking out a few words here and there so i was able to sing along i guess, and in doing that some of the songs are very interesting, and on this album it is very easy to hear the actual words because it is only backed up by the drums and an acoustic guitar rather that the heavier electric that comes along with all the other albums.
This cd also has lori goldsmith backing up on cello which i found very unique and cool, much cooler than all those rock groups trying to pull off the full on orchestra in the background, i find that very stupid, but i think one simple cello adds a nice touch. He also has three other guys, not counting krist N. on guitar, two of the guys from the meatpuppets who kurt was always a big fan of and even played a few of there songs on this cd. Lastly, Krist even plays the xylephone on one of the track.
And sorry i dont know how to put up the same music yet so maybe if john has time to he might, but try hard to listen to it if you havnt, if you have, rock on
Now i feel like i should say a little bit about the book now that i mentioned it and even included a picture. I always have a hard time reading any book, esspecially most biographies. but with this, it is a completely different story. Cross did i nice job writing this book, it starts of talking about one of kurts several near death experiences due to an OD, which right away caught my attention. Then it goes on to explain his childhood, how he grew up going from house to house, never really having a set home, to how he formed the band, made it big, and then ended up giving it all away. It is a great book, it was very interesting and for the most part an easy read, so if you are looking for a casual read, i suggest it. Be careful tho, it is also very depressing at some points, but there is always the funny parts as well to lift your spirits. so go buy the album and while your at it find the book as well.
If you are interested in reading the first chapter of the book to kind of get a feel for it and see what you thing heres a link, enjoy

Heavier Than Heaven


At 1:57 PM, Blogger John Servo said...

i still have the tape of that somewhere, i bought it when i was like 8


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