Thursday, November 04, 2004

Velvet Revolver-- Contraband

I first heard this band very late one night while i was up watching FUSE trying to find some new stuff to download. When Slither came on i was immediatly intrigued, i looked at the name of the group right away and i was not familiar "Hmmmm Velvet Revolver" i remember thinking to myself. Then as soon as you were able to see the people behind the music i was like whoa Scott Weiland, me being the big STP fan that i am. and then i remember seeing the man bustin out the ass kickin guitar solos and i was like shit whats Slash doing in there, and as soon as i was through with watching the music video, i rushed upstairs to do a little research on this new group. I found out that it was the old members of Guns n Roses with Scott and this other dude from the Electric Love Hogs and Wasted Youth or something like that, but i was still very pumped about this, i read things like this was a new "supergroup" and other comments, so of corse i had to buy the cd, since i listened to STP and I never had a problem with GNR.
Unfortunatly tho i was not able to purchase this album until about a week ago, long after it was realeased. But i definitly think that it was worth the way. The vocals in every the fact that Weiland is singing them is very apparent, he still brings back the STP memories that i am fond of, and it is nice to have his vocals backed up by such a great group as Slash, Duff, Matt, and Dave. I would definitly agree with the critic who title this group a rock supergroup. Its almost like the combination they call audioslave, a mix of soundgarden and rage against the machine which is also a very good band, but i would have to say that i like VR much better, the fact the i really like the vocals is a BIG plus for this group, Slash's outstanding guitar solos are still as awesome as they have ever been, then a solid group of drums and guitars to back these two up is just great, i really like this album, and i suggest all STP fans (especially all those who thought it was a tragedy when they broke up) to rush out and purchase this album, it really fills that gap that i thought only STP could fill. At least that i what i think, but who the hell i am i to say?


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