Sunday, November 14, 2004

Metaphorical high grain on the metaphorical curb

It's frustrating to realize, but the hopes of another Wu-Tang Album are seriously hurt, if not forever incomplete otherwise. I was always the most put off by Dirt on most occasions, but there is no denying his presence and welcome unorthodox styling to the extremely talented Wu Tang Clan. I never got to feel the frustration of a canceled show or unwrapping the plastic to 18 plus tracks of insanity hot off the presses, and most likely never will, but hell if I wont play the shit out of it on my car or watch it 'live' in digital format and get a good ounce of the heaviness and honesty in possibly the greatest group forged in God's image.

check the shrimp for choice tracks

as my contribution is a shitty, edited live video for 'Shame on a Nigga'


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