Saturday, November 20, 2004

I'd like another...

Album like Whatever and Ever, Amen

Ben Fold's Five (and just Ben) are frequently called 'one hit wonders', and thats bullshit.

Im kind of confused on what to say or what thesis i want to construct so let me drop some history. My brother bought this album when it came out in '97, which was an awesome year. '97 was when i was finally fitting into living in a new state and it didn't hurt that my former abode's university won the national chamiponship and got a heisman. Brick was on heavy rotation on MTV (im surpirsed i watched that, i was like in 5th grade), and so eventually i got the knack of stealing this album from my brother CONSTANTLY, and he got pretty mad about that since i was his kid brother and pulled antic shit like a lot (he would most likely argue that i still do, and i most likely wouldn't be able to refute that). I attribute my music tastes to my Dad alot becuase, my dad has a lot of music and a lot of relative knowledge on it (but he's an old man and thinks Hip Hop culture has ruined Jazz...etc), but if my brother hadnt bought Whatever and Ever I would most likely never really had an enjoyment for good music becuase at the time i hated all that Coltrane and Beatles and really liked Stabbing Westward and Filter. Whatever and Ever, besides maybe Beck, was the first real album of great production and composistion i ever heard, and if my brother (who i emulated on most levels) didn't like it and own it, i would be at a Nickleback concert right about now. Pop is the root of all good music, I think i can safely say that. It's a bummer that i didnt contribute 100 hours of volunteer service to get a ticket to his (Ben Folds) 'volunteer people are awesome' concert or whatever it was here in the IC.

Whatever and Ever is a very well constructed album, and regardless of your political prefrence, exemplefies good song writing and has a knack of reaching out to several emotions and musical levels. Infact it's something i haven't seen in awhile from an album, maybe thats why people say they were one and done. I attribute it for now to saving me from sonic purgatory


At 11:29 PM, Blogger Byron said...

LOL at Filter. Those were the days.


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