Thursday, November 11, 2004

Addendum: yes mp3's

i really logically should have posted this directly after my post on Mr. Kozelek himself but as i did not have the proper education or willpower, i was unable.

i also really logically shouldn't have posted that i wouldn't put up mp3's in here and then suggest that all visitors to this site are refuse from more proficient blogs and have no friends. oh, thats all been deleted and rehashed right in this paragraph

as much as i don't really promote posting a mp3 and acting like that's all it should be and certifies this sites awesomeness, i feel i should re-iterate my statements in song form, thus this post, and others like it to follow, are justified.

this is by Mark Kozelek's band Red House Painters, it isn't his best but its a good one, and its on my computer.

Red House Painters, Have You Forgotten


At 12:09 AM, Blogger Byron said...

Cool. See, now I might go buy the album. (Not really, but you know...)


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