Saturday, November 20, 2004

I'd like another...

Album like Whatever and Ever, Amen

Ben Fold's Five (and just Ben) are frequently called 'one hit wonders', and thats bullshit.

Im kind of confused on what to say or what thesis i want to construct so let me drop some history. My brother bought this album when it came out in '97, which was an awesome year. '97 was when i was finally fitting into living in a new state and it didn't hurt that my former abode's university won the national chamiponship and got a heisman. Brick was on heavy rotation on MTV (im surpirsed i watched that, i was like in 5th grade), and so eventually i got the knack of stealing this album from my brother CONSTANTLY, and he got pretty mad about that since i was his kid brother and pulled antic shit like a lot (he would most likely argue that i still do, and i most likely wouldn't be able to refute that). I attribute my music tastes to my Dad alot becuase, my dad has a lot of music and a lot of relative knowledge on it (but he's an old man and thinks Hip Hop culture has ruined Jazz...etc), but if my brother hadnt bought Whatever and Ever I would most likely never really had an enjoyment for good music becuase at the time i hated all that Coltrane and Beatles and really liked Stabbing Westward and Filter. Whatever and Ever, besides maybe Beck, was the first real album of great production and composistion i ever heard, and if my brother (who i emulated on most levels) didn't like it and own it, i would be at a Nickleback concert right about now. Pop is the root of all good music, I think i can safely say that. It's a bummer that i didnt contribute 100 hours of volunteer service to get a ticket to his (Ben Folds) 'volunteer people are awesome' concert or whatever it was here in the IC.

Whatever and Ever is a very well constructed album, and regardless of your political prefrence, exemplefies good song writing and has a knack of reaching out to several emotions and musical levels. Infact it's something i haven't seen in awhile from an album, maybe thats why people say they were one and done. I attribute it for now to saving me from sonic purgatory

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Metaphorical high grain on the metaphorical curb

It's frustrating to realize, but the hopes of another Wu-Tang Album are seriously hurt, if not forever incomplete otherwise. I was always the most put off by Dirt on most occasions, but there is no denying his presence and welcome unorthodox styling to the extremely talented Wu Tang Clan. I never got to feel the frustration of a canceled show or unwrapping the plastic to 18 plus tracks of insanity hot off the presses, and most likely never will, but hell if I wont play the shit out of it on my car or watch it 'live' in digital format and get a good ounce of the heaviness and honesty in possibly the greatest group forged in God's image.

check the shrimp for choice tracks

as my contribution is a shitty, edited live video for 'Shame on a Nigga'

Saturday, November 13, 2004

One of the best written 'indie'(and i hate that term) songs around

I think only Bob Dylan can claim the best all around, per capita, song writing skills.
but props to The Mountain Goats, who have put out just as many songs in the course of 6 or 7 years

one of these, which has struck somewhat of a cult sensation, is No Children, which in its morbid lyrics is layered quite a bit of black humor. I like the construction, the build up, and the vocals.

but don't take myyyy word for it!
du-nun DUN!

No Children

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Addendum: yes mp3's

i really logically should have posted this directly after my post on Mr. Kozelek himself but as i did not have the proper education or willpower, i was unable.

i also really logically shouldn't have posted that i wouldn't put up mp3's in here and then suggest that all visitors to this site are refuse from more proficient blogs and have no friends. oh, thats all been deleted and rehashed right in this paragraph

as much as i don't really promote posting a mp3 and acting like that's all it should be and certifies this sites awesomeness, i feel i should re-iterate my statements in song form, thus this post, and others like it to follow, are justified.

this is by Mark Kozelek's band Red House Painters, it isn't his best but its a good one, and its on my computer.

Red House Painters, Have You Forgotten

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Velvet Revolver-- Contraband

I first heard this band very late one night while i was up watching FUSE trying to find some new stuff to download. When Slither came on i was immediatly intrigued, i looked at the name of the group right away and i was not familiar "Hmmmm Velvet Revolver" i remember thinking to myself. Then as soon as you were able to see the people behind the music i was like whoa Scott Weiland, me being the big STP fan that i am. and then i remember seeing the man bustin out the ass kickin guitar solos and i was like shit whats Slash doing in there, and as soon as i was through with watching the music video, i rushed upstairs to do a little research on this new group. I found out that it was the old members of Guns n Roses with Scott and this other dude from the Electric Love Hogs and Wasted Youth or something like that, but i was still very pumped about this, i read things like this was a new "supergroup" and other comments, so of corse i had to buy the cd, since i listened to STP and I never had a problem with GNR.
Unfortunatly tho i was not able to purchase this album until about a week ago, long after it was realeased. But i definitly think that it was worth the way. The vocals in every the fact that Weiland is singing them is very apparent, he still brings back the STP memories that i am fond of, and it is nice to have his vocals backed up by such a great group as Slash, Duff, Matt, and Dave. I would definitly agree with the critic who title this group a rock supergroup. Its almost like the combination they call audioslave, a mix of soundgarden and rage against the machine which is also a very good band, but i would have to say that i like VR much better, the fact the i really like the vocals is a BIG plus for this group, Slash's outstanding guitar solos are still as awesome as they have ever been, then a solid group of drums and guitars to back these two up is just great, i really like this album, and i suggest all STP fans (especially all those who thought it was a tragedy when they broke up) to rush out and purchase this album, it really fills that gap that i thought only STP could fill. At least that i what i think, but who the hell i am i to say?

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