Saturday, October 09, 2004

Mark Kozelek: forever sleeping giant

Mark Kozelek won't ever be immensely famous, it's true. There are more than a few factors that create his almost willful ability to stay out of the spotlight. But sometimes I wish the entire music media community and all true music fans could rejoice in the brilliance that is Mark Kozelek. Everything he touches is some of the most powerful, humbling music I will ever hear.

Do a search for Red House Painter's lyrics, or Sun Kil Moon lyrics, or even his own solo song lyrics. Choose anyone of them, any one of the hundreds of songs this man has written. It is impossible to find something more honest in today's music. Anyone of those songs can relate to childhood, frustration, relationships, depression, far more precisely then you can imagine. It is poetry in and of itself

listen to any one song by his bands, listen to anyone of his acoustic arrangements. Nothing builds in such precise time as this man's music. Each instrument awaits it's introduction and adds to a silent, methodical machine. His voice will chill you, and the effect is only intensified by the slow, wrenching piano, or guitar, or drum kit. It is an untapped expanse of perfection.

sometimes you hate it, you hate how it goes on, you hate how its lulling and dream-like, "to hell with this bullshit, with this self-deprecation, this boredom", you refuse to listen to it. You aren't listening to it. A long drive home in the dark in the summer with this music, you will wish that the road went on forever.

Sleep on Mark Kozelek, you are meant for the few, the rushing masses will never take a step back to appreciate what is so far beyond them. To you it is your music, it is simply what you do, it isn't any different to you than most anything else in your daily life, prophetic description isn't necessary for your work, it to simple for that, to concise. To me, it isn't. While it is sleeping, and at time simple, it is also undeniably layered and immense. A giant.


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