Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Green Day.... American Idiot

Well I had a gift certificate to Best Buy the other day and wasnt sure what i was going to spend it on. So one day while i was at an othodontist appointment and away from school i make i quick stop by Best Buy to take a gander at the selection of CDs. When i got there i remembered that i was possibly looking into the new GreenDay cd cause i have always been somewhat a fan of them. And it was on sale so i figured what the hell and bought it. On my way back to school i listened to the album and i thought that it was pretty decent. Again, GreenDay is a band that has a very distinct sound to them. But compared to all the albums that i have and that i have listened to this one is probably the most unique. The sound they produce with this album possesses some of the same qualities as the latest Blink 182 self titled album, more of the modern alternative punk rock sound but it is still very much the same Green Day we have all grown to know so well. The single off of the album is none other than that song American Idiot but i would not go as far as to say that that is the best song on there. Some of my favorites include "Are We The Waiting" "Holiday" and "Whatsername".

Another thing that strikes me as unique about this GreenDay cd compared to the rest is that there are two songs "Jesus Of Suburbia" and "Homecoming" that break up into five different little songs all within the one song it came from. I also admire these three guys for continuing to rock on despite the age they are now becoming.


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