Monday, October 25, 2004

....ANNNDDDD Scene!

Ok, now, for some time i thought it was funny, in fact i was most likely the happiest person on that certain saturday night when Ashlee Simpson was caught lypsnching, i shouted "thats right you baggy pants wearing pseudeo-pop-punk bitch, you take it milli-vineli style, hahaha! girl you know it's true!" but then I realized what we all must realize, that this was only a technical mistake the most likely could have happened and shamed the last 20 "bands" to be on SNL, honestly.

More than a few people, 'indie' types who deplore all forms (minus hip-hop) of popular teenage mainstream american music, are extremely hung up about it. but nothing is going to happen, it's still her shitty voice on that track, like it or not. She'll make another record and drop off the radar like the backstreet boys were never supposed to do, so will hillary duff, so will jojo.

Now I'm not going to be like several women delgates from Washington BC that think every celebrity has it hard and deserves being payed more than all painters/phillosphers/talented musicians ever. But there is still almost some slight minisucle exasperated sense of truth in what they say. So haters such as I and many other in the vast blogosphere, who have or will spend there time pouring over the poetic justice technology sometimes brings about, should heed the words of this young man: don't get hung up about it, i used to get hung about people having fake pogs. I was eight.


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