Monday, October 25, 2004

....ANNNDDDD Scene!

Ok, now, for some time i thought it was funny, in fact i was most likely the happiest person on that certain saturday night when Ashlee Simpson was caught lypsnching, i shouted "thats right you baggy pants wearing pseudeo-pop-punk bitch, you take it milli-vineli style, hahaha! girl you know it's true!" but then I realized what we all must realize, that this was only a technical mistake the most likely could have happened and shamed the last 20 "bands" to be on SNL, honestly.

More than a few people, 'indie' types who deplore all forms (minus hip-hop) of popular teenage mainstream american music, are extremely hung up about it. but nothing is going to happen, it's still her shitty voice on that track, like it or not. She'll make another record and drop off the radar like the backstreet boys were never supposed to do, so will hillary duff, so will jojo.

Now I'm not going to be like several women delgates from Washington BC that think every celebrity has it hard and deserves being payed more than all painters/phillosphers/talented musicians ever. But there is still almost some slight minisucle exasperated sense of truth in what they say. So haters such as I and many other in the vast blogosphere, who have or will spend there time pouring over the poetic justice technology sometimes brings about, should heed the words of this young man: don't get hung up about it, i used to get hung about people having fake pogs. I was eight.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Calling a burning program Nero is a funny analogy

I created my first successful (in my view) no-repeat mix, after several shitty experiments with genre or using 4 bands 12 times. I found the tracks led nicely into one-another for the most part, and its going to be in my car for quite awhile. I figured a good mix should constitute a few of the following rules

1. Songs you would want together (obvious, but I honestly haven't been doing that)
2. Songs that lead nicely into one-another

I realize that making a mix is an art, or at least was launched into said status publicly with the book 'High Fidelity', or just Nick Hornby in general. Someday I wish to perfect this skill

1. My Bloody Valentine.............only shallow
2. The Moving Units..................scars
3. m83 ........................................america
4. Eastern Youth..........................voices
5. Radiohead ...............................let down
6. Red House Painters................have you forgotten?
7. The French Kicks...................crying just for show
8. The Walkmen..........................little house of savages
9. Dismemberment Plan..............what do you want me to do?
10. Les Savy Fav.........................daily dares
11. The Black Keys.....................everywhere I go

tell me what you think

Monday, October 18, 2004

MOVING UNITS dangerous dreams

I heard about this band, again, thru my good friend john. He handed me a sticker of the band and latest cd which i hung in my locker but i wasnt too sure about the band, i asked john how it was and he told me he hadnt heard it yet so i wasnt too hip on it. But then i decided to go ahead and give it a listen after i saw that samples were available on iTunes. After hearing little 30 second excerps of each song i thought that this band sounded really interesting and was worth downloading, so i went ahead and did so. After listening to the full version of each song i was very pleased with them.
in my opinion i thought that the vocals sounded a lot like david bowie but the instruments were somewhat unique, the begining of the very first song sounds very james bondish and the rest of the song continues that theme every once in a while. there are also points in the cd where i was reminded of the instruments in INTERPOL the song that sticks out the most for me is at the begining of SCARS for some reason listening to that makes me think of INTERPOL. There is also i point in the cd where you can catch a glimps of the band SWEET who sang BALLROOM BLITZ, im not sure what it is but listening to AVAILABLE that song came to my mind.
overall i liked the album, i thought it was very enjoyable and easy to just sit back and listen to.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Mark Kozelek: forever sleeping giant

Mark Kozelek won't ever be immensely famous, it's true. There are more than a few factors that create his almost willful ability to stay out of the spotlight. But sometimes I wish the entire music media community and all true music fans could rejoice in the brilliance that is Mark Kozelek. Everything he touches is some of the most powerful, humbling music I will ever hear.

Do a search for Red House Painter's lyrics, or Sun Kil Moon lyrics, or even his own solo song lyrics. Choose anyone of them, any one of the hundreds of songs this man has written. It is impossible to find something more honest in today's music. Anyone of those songs can relate to childhood, frustration, relationships, depression, far more precisely then you can imagine. It is poetry in and of itself

listen to any one song by his bands, listen to anyone of his acoustic arrangements. Nothing builds in such precise time as this man's music. Each instrument awaits it's introduction and adds to a silent, methodical machine. His voice will chill you, and the effect is only intensified by the slow, wrenching piano, or guitar, or drum kit. It is an untapped expanse of perfection.

sometimes you hate it, you hate how it goes on, you hate how its lulling and dream-like, "to hell with this bullshit, with this self-deprecation, this boredom", you refuse to listen to it. You aren't listening to it. A long drive home in the dark in the summer with this music, you will wish that the road went on forever.

Sleep on Mark Kozelek, you are meant for the few, the rushing masses will never take a step back to appreciate what is so far beyond them. To you it is your music, it is simply what you do, it isn't any different to you than most anything else in your daily life, prophetic description isn't necessary for your work, it to simple for that, to concise. To me, it isn't. While it is sleeping, and at time simple, it is also undeniably layered and immense. A giant.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Green Day.... American Idiot

Well I had a gift certificate to Best Buy the other day and wasnt sure what i was going to spend it on. So one day while i was at an othodontist appointment and away from school i make i quick stop by Best Buy to take a gander at the selection of CDs. When i got there i remembered that i was possibly looking into the new GreenDay cd cause i have always been somewhat a fan of them. And it was on sale so i figured what the hell and bought it. On my way back to school i listened to the album and i thought that it was pretty decent. Again, GreenDay is a band that has a very distinct sound to them. But compared to all the albums that i have and that i have listened to this one is probably the most unique. The sound they produce with this album possesses some of the same qualities as the latest Blink 182 self titled album, more of the modern alternative punk rock sound but it is still very much the same Green Day we have all grown to know so well. The single off of the album is none other than that song American Idiot but i would not go as far as to say that that is the best song on there. Some of my favorites include "Are We The Waiting" "Holiday" and "Whatsername".

Another thing that strikes me as unique about this GreenDay cd compared to the rest is that there are two songs "Jesus Of Suburbia" and "Homecoming" that break up into five different little songs all within the one song it came from. I also admire these three guys for continuing to rock on despite the age they are now becoming.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Faces, Ooh La La

Roots are important, I mean look at the TV show. Well, ok... Maybe not the TV show, but regardless, I've often found that many of the music of today is almost a carbon copy of yesteryear (minus today's bullshit but including new kids to backstreet), and that these proverbial roots are often more accomplished then latter clone. Now, I can't really pinpoint a particular band currently that sounds a lot like faces, infact I cant even guess, but upon listening to the first few traks of Ooh La La, I thought I was listening to a new band. I was ignorant to the clever hooks and reverb['d] vocals of such a band, and even more excited and feeling guilty when I was informed that Faces had even better.

Of course, one may ponder (as I did) how Rod-Stewart's-Band's-song-at-the-end-of-Rushmore-dealy could sound (ignorantly, again) 'new'. but the song 'my fault' just felt so..I don't know. It's hard for me to really even understand my position having just come over a Black Keys overdose. But with bands like that, you can really feel the hints of the hooks and melody schemes seen in 'my fault' in today's music, and for me it signaled another begining in my learnings as a music fan.

On a less exestential side, Faces is a pretty amazing band, ussualy i don't like band's with keyboards, and i never felt much for the solo Rod Stewart, but Faces is great. I now realize the brilliance of Rod's voice, and i still dont understand how i could hear so much of Rod Stewart and have such a benign understanding of his mainstay, and not know that it was the forking awesome song at the end of rusmore.

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