Thursday, September 30, 2004

Downloaded Antics by Interpol

Well the other day i got a new iPod for my birthday and was very eager to get some new music on it. So i dashed up to my computer, plugged it in and my excitment was soon deflated when i realized that my new toy needed a full night of charging and programming before i could put any music on it. But i knew that the first thing i wanted to put on it was the new Interpol cd called Antics which was released the day before my birthday and almost seemed meant to be. So the next day after school i came home and downloaded the cd onto my computer and then onto my iPod with much excitement. That night before i went to bed i put my earphones in and listened to my new list of songs. I was very pleased with what i was hearing, I was turned on to Interpol by the almighty JOHN SERVO and ever since i first heard them i loved their sound. So while listening to this cd i was very satisfied, i thought it sounded just great. Although the fact that it IS Interpol playing and singing is very aparent through their very unique sound and i could definitly hear similarities to their cd "Turn on the Bright Lights" but it is the kind of similarities you look forward to in purchasing a new cd from the same group, the anticipation of the similar sound only twisted and shaped into new words and lyrics and stories revealed. So i found this cd very pleasing and you should check it out, and by the way, im sure that JOHN SERVO will have much more of a thorough evaluation of this cd coming soon, so look for that one, i just think that it is a great cd and encourage you to listen to it, if your a fan of Interpol you will surely enjoy this, and if you have never listened to this group before i still think you should check it out they have a catchy sound that anyone could enjoy.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger John Servo said...

Very True, Interpol's sound is strictly interpol, you cant blame a band for doing what they do. Antics sounds a lot like Turn On The Bright Lights, a little less vigor, but thats what happens. its a garunteed good 3rd album


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